Steelseries Apex M100


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Product Description

The Quick Tension Switches are built to mimic a mechanical switches operation. When the key is pressed half way down the tension design shoots the key the rest of the way into actuation. Underneath the switches are bold Ground Effect Backlighting and full customization software giving you all the tools you need to get in the game.
  • Quick Tension Switches designed to mimic a mechanical switch for the fastest key registration.
  • Guaranteed precision and key-feel consistency for over 20 million clicks.
  • Advanced anti-ghosting support for 24 of the most commonly used keys in gaming.
  • Vibrant blue ground effects backlighting with long-lifespan LEDs.
  • The Apex 100 has the largest arsenal of customization options in it’s class.
  • Built like a tank with a compact and durable fingerprint-resistant outer casing.
  • Quick access media controls let you adjust your media settings without having to Alt-Tab out of the game.
  • Easily lock the Windows key with gaming mode to avoid any unwanted interruptions.


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